jfh recommends this media space of BeltRoad 1...sustain generations now or forever after hold your peace

brighter future : global wind report : china dialogue brics report -rough transcript>OPen spaces of sister banks of 21st C human develop %!% peoples- role shanghai; plus 2018 opportunity: A1Brics (g20 argentina), A2Brics(aiib mumbai), A3Brics (Brics Joburg), ICE (India-China-English Language worlds). BRICKStech roads for sdgs started 1945 with nations uniting at san francisco opera house -call this ar0 and america's west coat arctic road 1.. tokyo was the first to learn smarter engineering from american deming- by early 1960's as the economist shows - japan's post industrial revolution where all co-workers live mattered had made this island number 2 economy -more productive per life than usa; it shared this knowhw down island taiwan, hk singapore and to south borean penisular we ball this br0; by 1875 the chinese diapora were the 3rd bidgest financial network- they asked japan to share beter engineering with the fift of the world's people hubbing out of beijing and better vilage sciences -agriculture from american borlaug, killer diseases of kids and mother with help of american like james grant and larry brilliant- the hard work wss done by barefoot female last mile mefics in both china and bangladesh we call bangladesh and the south asia coast to its east br2- in trade terrms rub by the brits this region extended to west pakistan port of gwadar historically owned by oman- west of pakiatan on the cntinent and acriss the gukf to the land bridge bewen old world's 3 coontinents- we label br7 (aka middle east or west asia)- we call mainland china br0; its amazing that americans did not learn from deming or japan- eg bullet trains could have conncred west coast usa aro and proved to multiply interstate win-wins so that ar2 east coast usa also linkedin - boston could be 1 hour from ny 2 hours from dc 1 hour from detroit; a bullet train infrastructure across heartland usa could have been built before china afforded to do this in late 190s; china's super-rail is a god thing for humanity- it offers chances to develop human win-wins across china's 16 borders - some of which due to eg stalin- not china's fault- remain places where people lives have not really gone beyond subsistence in these 27decades since scota smith andt started up age of man and machines- to finish othe old world we call russia and its iced up east west arcti coast br3; we call east europe br5, west europe br6, the med sea br8- east of the med sea you reach central americwhere we reach ar2; both ar1 and ar2 are long n-s coasts- waterwise ther are only connected in themiddle by the panama canal; north south mapping would be complete without mapping the west coat belt from north sea nations to eg gibraltar as br3; if a tunnel had ben built here to africa br3 could continue down west coast of africs- turning at cape town br 4 goes up east coat of africa- it forks at eg djibouti up the suexz canal bachk to the med or round yemen and uae - ng if russia is to link north south throungh to asia it needs to share the inland sea with ukraine and sails out past istanbul which divides south wast europe and west asia which is where syrua/iraq/iran locate; those who want there to still be a livable climate for our kids nedd north south artcic circle linked nations to negotiate how not to melt down the arctic circle as well as how to transition beyond oil- nb russia and the middle east nations depend on oil for trade- though some of the emirates see education as the number 1 market of the future and host superp global events on both edutech and refugeetech .
left: business leaders summit - nb china's state grid company largest in transmission world - sees its partering purpose to advise smart grids eg 7 billion $ partnerhip in brazil ; profile
of sustainability investmnet world's first 10 co-leaders : comprehensive strategic..35 years of tracking Entreprenurial Revolution (origin The Economist's Norman Macrae 1972) journalistsforhumanity 2017, at the tipping point of 2 opposite end games:big brother's big data big, or little sisters big data small- you digitally play your money to be or not to be

Friday, June 30, 2017

happy labor day - dear friends www.singforhope.org  SFH is girl empowerments leading music in communities network formed after 9/11 by russian-bangaldeshi american  monica yunus and mexican houton american camille zamora  -Zamoragrew up in Houston and Mexico City, 

Xiamen is todays world stage for the BRICS Summit on development aspirations of majority of the world peoples
its tourist island city is one where one in 3 families have a piano  due to its strongest piano density in China, its also known as "cradle of music" and "island of pianos".
this is ideal space to bridge sing for hope franchise

maurice is vatican university youth ambassador to the nations number 1 arts in community laureateswww.premiosciacca.it - his daytime job in rome is internal auditing; his passion is partnerships in youth futures netwioks mainly owned by youth as is comrade amy chen qian

bob freling's partner neville williams in 1996 advised monica's father dr yunus on how to get microsolar grassroots networked in paralel to the village phone networks grameen started up with soroa, the quadirs, telenor and a few other friends- shameran is sir fazle abed's son conecting futures of bangaldesh's microeconomics girl empowerment miracle webs- justin coordinates 30 national leaders commission into why are we organising education to destroy half of youth from having any real livelihoods- next fortnights summit review on this will greet guests un antonio guterres and france's macron

paul niehaus coordinates american tech wizards most substantial give durectly (big data small development) analytics -first focus where africa has digital curencies for poor; dr ranga in banglalore worked for many years on satellite projecst with kalam; diva was in the last peer group of youth to be awarded by kalam

camilo and rodrigo run wall streets only end poverty fund for latin america with mexico their first main operating city- the g20 comes to latin america once in 20 years next summer to pope francis home open space argentina; chinas richest man and former english teacher has made argentina his second lead partner in desiging elctrinic free trade platform for small enterprises- camilo is also an engineering infrastructure economist at columbia university where hunan's number 1 youth ambassador amy chen is now studying- maybe others can introduce their connectios assuming i am right in valuing common interests as these most urgent times for franciscan  hope beyond north korea and houston messes

SFH was recognised by congress as almost unique in terms of mediating american goodwill

Xiamen is the world stage for the BRICS Summit- 
its tourist island city is one where one in 3 famiies have a paino (in chna this city is called the cradle of music) strongest piano density in China, hence it also known as "cradle of music" and "island of pianos".
this is ideal space to bridge sing for hope

while brazil is the latin american reprentative of brics, mexico president was this years special guest- the brics plus model has 3 main outreach goals for sustainabilityy invetsment bankingin 2018:
the americas - at least lation america A1Brics
with india - the india banglaseh china myanmar corridor A2Brics
with african union , guinea, egypt and south africa (2018 host brics summit) A3Brics

Professional networks of all china's new banking cooperations hub out of shanghai and the SCO - i know one of the main auditors there having attended summit of asian infrastructure investment bank in june- fosun a key partner of sing for hope is the father of all multinationa partenrships mediated out of shanghai

the main china-american network kissinger has nurtured for 30 years was co-founded by a world leading cellist who probaly invented the identity cultural entrpreneur - since toursim is 10% of world economy and more of youth economy exchnages- china value cultural entreprenus more than any nation of 50 whose markets i have worked on with MIT and other knowledge met alumni

from new york to chinese supercities to tokyo which s relaunching arts in communities at 2020 olympics with social networks such as special olympics and tech sponsors ali baba 

additionally china's president xi jinping loves xiamen as 32 years ago he was its mayor when it fisrt opened up to the world

it would be a pity to waste opportunities connecting cultures and investors and youth- billy has helped chinese students visiting stanford develop the true spirit of sino-american freindships for many decades - one of his professional peers is the chinese architect who designed the pyramid at the louvre -maybe keynes got it right:  arts can sustain youth's world in ways -and times of global 2.o renaissance - that old mens money cannot (eg the 8 men who own more than half of the world's poorest people do) - not what my father meant by purpose of economics as The Economist's end povery keynsian after surving world war 2 as tenagernavigating raf planes over moldernday myanmar and bangladesh (ref pope francis visit end november)

in usa we have very bad media- it doesnt help with connectity of youths freedom of education nor peoples entreprises across bodrers - however even it cant stop worldwide tech and youth arts communities from blossoming now (with a little hope from you all)

7th cultural tour of beijing begins friday this week ; first shanghai one being planned

Board | Sing for Hope

The Sing for Hope Board of Directors is passionate and involved in supporting our programs, mission, and future. Jon Batiste. Internationally acclaimed musician & bandleader of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Andrea Bocelli. Tahra Lore Grant. Vice President, Corporate Communications. Kara Unterberg. Investor;