jfh recommends this media space of BeltRoad 1...sustain generations now or forever after hold your peace

brighter future : global wind report : china dialogue brics report -rough transcript>OPen spaces of sister banks of 21st C human develop %!% peoples- role shanghai; plus 2018 opportunity: A1Brics (g20 argentina), A2Brics(aiib mumbai), A3Brics (Brics Joburg), ICE (India-China-English Language worlds). BRICKS

left: business leaders summit - nb china's state grid company largest in transmission world - sees its partering purpose to advise smart grids eg 7 billion $ partnerhip in brazil ; profile
of sustainability investmnet world's first 10 co-leaders : comprehensive strategic
..35 years of tracking Entreprenurial Revolution (origin The Economist's Norman Macrae 1972) journalistsforhumanity 2017, at the tipping point of 2 opposite end games:big brother's big data big, or little sisters big data small- you digitally play your money to be or not to be

Monday, July 31, 2017

s afruca hi cost of telecoms data
world wide worx - goldstuck
right2know campiagn
5th in world for mobile smart usage - but most expensive providers (eg vodacom)
data costs in africa
pruces in egypt fluctuated
huawei helped chnage that around 2008- reached 90 mn usres but then crises hike prices in 2015- in 2017 quality of service iss issue - with g4 implemnattion postponed

in nigeria -comoetition driving redication data - 2 $ for 10 gbites cheapest now back to 2$ for 1 gb - even though average usr could need 3gb

Sunday, July 30, 2017

USA vs BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) 2017- Who Would Win?

  • 3 weeks ago
For a number of years now, a handful of nations have been developing at a rapid pace, and today we'll compare them with