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brighter future : global wind report : china dialogue brics report -rough transcript>OPen spaces of sister banks of 21st C human develop %!% peoples- role shanghai; plus 2018 opportunity: A1Brics (g20 argentina), A2Brics(aiib mumbai), A3Brics (Brics Joburg), ICE (India-China-English Language worlds). BRICKS

left: business leaders summit - nb china's state grid company largest in transmission world - sees its partering purpose to advise smart grids eg 7 billion $ partnerhip in brazil ; profile
of sustainability investmnet world's first 10 co-leaders : comprehensive strategic
..35 years of tracking Entreprenurial Revolution (origin The Economist's Norman Macrae 1972) journalistsforhumanity 2017, at the tipping point of 2 opposite end games:big brother's big data big, or little sisters big data small- you digitally play your money to be or not to be

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Li yong un industrial dev org - new tech tranfer forum
how open is tech market
1.4 bilion netizens
big data small platforms - value sme youth and womens livelihoods
brics 2017 winwin slogan

confucius institute joburg davin monyae - crossroads summit for global south
how wil new dev bank benefite s afruca
we are looking at outcomes of previis brucs summit redarding imprivenmt of afrtican infrastructure  emdcd china 2017
beics bank needs to be a knowledge hub , including project preparation, environment bencharking

plus brucs including observers from other dev countries - nigeria algeria kenya ecypt ethiopia critical to widen inclusivity if sdgs are to be acieved -plus model broadens knowlede win-win ties - so full voice on continent as region 9 of bel road win-wins with other regions

combined economic worth 16.6 trilion dollars of world economy of about 85 trilin - - 40% of people

india an china gdp growth both abouit 7% thi year
others pretty flat this year - special situations
nb eg south afrca smalexst of brics but most advanced african countrt in global equity funds

how can worldwide media linkin win-win voice of brics and their ow home coubtries
eg gives brazil platform to turn corner
konstanise shepin russian journalist
indian  manikandan
s africa melanie peters -
which countries is chibna already biggest trading partner - how link to sustanability yputh
xiamen international broadcase center

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