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Saturday, October 28, 2017

beltroad maps

we map the world's belt road in 12 sections

0 inside China, 1 mainly east and south of china- a reguiond that contains over 75% of world's largest container trading ports (see rectangle below)
2 India including bangladesh myanmar corridor, 7 the landlocked stans forw china's west through - pakistan and across the sea to the middle easy- china's only chnace of ending inequlaity between its weel developed eastern coastal cities and its landlocked west is improving trading routes and capacities west of china; an early and very affordable success is indicated by the top black line- the china express railway now tranports goos all the way through Eurasia from china to spain; this was achieved by working out most efficient way to unload and reload containership trains at any national jumnctions where railway guages chnaged; china has put a lot of new investment into the corridor that moves through pakistan to a new superport and across to the middle east's superports; this has so far put some strain on its realtionship with india but the hope is both countries will join in co-creatingthe desperatley needed china india bangladesh myanmar corridor
3 russia, 4 east europe - china has always wanted to see strong and p;ositive trades with russia and eastern europe; the economist argued in 1984 these would be a huge western opportunity to as soon as the berlin wall fell; the larouche networks was one of the firts in 1996 to host a summit with china on this; also some of china's most regular trading summits are the Shanghai Coopertaion Organisation and BRICS
5 west europe, 6 n america
8 med sea, 9 africa , 10 s. america - we have double counted natiosn who share the med sea because in te days of marco pol it was the med sea region in west and china in the east that trusted building te world tgrade route known as the silk road; today the med sea countries remain at the gatweay between europe asia and africa; colonila days in both africa and south america mean that neithert contient has ever had a contientwide planning forum for its infrastrucre- eg no trains organsed to integrate the continent
11 worldwide

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